Monday, February 20, 2017

Prog 101

Simple cover, even cheap-looking, but man, that color! If you don't know the Dutch masters Focus, well, maybe you actually do without realizing it. And maybe you don't know about progressive rock, but I bet you've heard more of it than you think. I'll be adding their big hit from this album at the end and see if you remember it...

Another very, very simple cover, but again, great color!

And now for the hit, "Hocus Pocus"...

Remember it now? :) You may have also heard it as the end theme to the show "Saxondale", starring Steve Coogan. (and the main theme was also a Focus song called "House of the King")

Thursday, February 16, 2017

There is no "i' in team...

...but there is in The Simmons Team!

Love that it's Team, and not Group, or Band, or Family, etc... Unique. :) And as with many groups (sorry, teams) like this, they have great instruments! (not greta, as I originally typed. Is there a musical instrument company called Greta? Looks like Rick is playing a Gretsch, so that's kinda close.)

Judging by the names of those pictured and those in the Musicians section, I'm guessing the Musicians are of the session variety, and perhaps those pictured are of the touring/studio assistance variety? Hmm...

Sadly, I can find almost nothing about them or Rick himself other than this listing for the album. It does show a second album of theirs, and I'm guessing it's earlier, before they became a team. ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Forgotten local history

Six years later, it shut down. :p Mitsubishi tried the same thing here and was a spectacular failure in comparison, especially considering the massive hype surrounding their arrival. I found some old articles about it and you'd think the Pope was coming to town! Nope, just some representative from Mitsubishi...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jimmy Durante-like

Though not as prominent (meaning big), this fella and his nose remind me of Jimmy Durante. Bit of an odd image choice for a children's music album. *shrug*

Speaking of noses, "The Golden Snuff Box"? :p Some of these old kiddie songs probably had adult roots, modified for cuteness. What say you?

I'm guessing that "Little Red Riding Hood" isn't the 'you sure are looking good' version. ;)

Love these old notifications that most people couldn't care less about, but that would really excite a tiny portion of the population. :)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Americanized Italian greatness

Admittedly, this is not the most eye-catching of covers, but there was something about it, including that strange title...

The Italian names, combined with the descriptions of their apparently lavish setups and weird story, made me think maybe it's different, but still wasn't sure.

I decided to look this up one day (still hadn't listened at that point), and it turns out this was an old Italian prog-rock outfit! And man they were good! They were originally called Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (the reverse/other side of the coin) and had released a couple more before this, also good. Someone decided this would go over well in North America (I'm not so sure it did), so the songs were remixed and reordered, and the lyrics were re-sung in English. This was released a couple of years after the original recording.

Here's "Il Suono Del Silenzio" from the original Contaminazione release, which is a good overview of their style.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TV candy?

I'll get to the title reference very shortly, after just saying that After Eight is delicious! And the ice cream? The BEST mint chip I've had. Not trying to sound like a shill, but it's true! ;)

Ah yes, After Eight...Television? What? :p Did this ever actually happen, or is it just code for 'playing After Eight ads during your shows'?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Found him at the Mega Lo Mart!

Actually, it was a Salvation Army thrift store. ;)

As a big fan of King of the Hill, I just had to get this! (wouldn't have otherwise, to be honest)

Wouldn't it be cool if Vanderhart was the previous owner's first name?

I think Vadala has that 'can we stop smiling now?' look on his face.

Here's the big hit title track, "Feels So Good", and check out the included lyrics below from the record sleeve so you can sing along!